photo manipulation | cinemagraph

Hidden Gem — I've created this cinemagraph (stills in motion) in Photoshop. I made a summer and winter photo manipulation and animated a transition via the photoshop timeline with masks to reveal the winter landscape and melt away again to go back to summer. The animals were animated a little too, for a more dynamic feel. Waterfall footage and falling snow were also added.

scroll down for still images of summer and winter

SUMMER — Deep into the treacherous jungle, at the end of a cave full of dangers and pitfalls, lies a beautiful, untouched world that only few yet could discover and see.

WINTER — This hidden world is truly a very special place. Although the jungle has a tropical climate, when you step outside this cave, you enter a whole new world with it’s own microclimate. The summers are sizzling hot and the winters are harsh and cold.